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CVE-2017-9031 The WebUI component in Deluge before 1.3.15 contains a directory traversal vulnerability involving a request in which the name of the render file is not associated with any template file.
CVE-2017-7178 CSRF was discovered in the web UI in Deluge before 1.3.14. The exploitation methodology involves (1) hosting a crafted plugin that executes an arbitrary program from its file and (2) causing the victim to download, install, and enable this plugin.
CVE-2009-1760 Directory traversal vulnerability in src/torrent_info.cpp in Rasterbar libtorrent before 0.14.4, as used in firetorrent, qBittorrent, deluge Torrent, and other applications, allows remote attackers to create or overwrite arbitrary files via a .. (dot dot) and partial relative pathname in a Multiple File Mode list element in a .torrent file.
CVE-2008-0646 The bdecode_recursive function in include/libtorrent/bencode.hpp in Rasterbar Software libtorrent before 0.12.1, as used in Deluge before and other products, allows context-dependent attackers to cause a denial of service (stack exhaustion and crash) via a crafted bencoded message.
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