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CVE-2019-17496 Craft CMS before 3.3.8 has stored XSS via a name field. This field is mishandled during site deletion.
CVE-2019-15929 In Craft CMS through 3.1.7, the elevated session password prompt was not being rate limited like normal login forms, leading to the possibility of a brute force attempt on them.
CVE-2019-14769 Backdrop CMS 1.12.x before 1.12.8 and 1.13.x before 1.13.3 doesn't sufficiently filter output when displaying certain block labels created by administrators. An attacker could potentially craft a specialized label, then have an administrator execute scripting when administering a layout. (This issue is mitigated by the attacker needing permission to create custom blocks on the site, which is typically an administrative permission.)
CVE-2019-12823 Craft CMS 3.1.30 has XSS.
CVE-2018-8908 An issue was discovered in /admin/?/user/add in Frog CMS 0.9.5. The application's add user functionality suffers from CSRF. A malicious user can craft an HTML page and use it to trick a victim into clicking on it; once executed, a malicious user will be created with admin privileges. This happens due to lack of an anti-CSRF token in state modification requests.
CVE-2018-3814 Craft CMS 2.6.3000 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code by using the "Assets->Upload files" screen and then the "Replace it" option, because this allows a .jpg file to have embedded PHP code, and then be renamed to a .php extension.
CVE-2018-20465 Craft CMS through 3.0.34 allows remote authenticated administrators to read sensitive information via server-side template injection, as demonstrated by a {% string for and in the URI Format of the Site Settings, which causes a cleartext username and password to be displayed in a URI field.
CVE-2018-20418 index.php?p=admin/actions/entries/save-entry in Craft CMS 3.0.25 allows XSS by saving a new title from the console tab.
CVE-2018-14716 A Server Side Template Injection (SSTI) was discovered in the SEOmatic plugin before 3.1.4 for Craft CMS, because requests that don't match any elements incorrectly generate the canonicalUrl, and can lead to execution of Twig code.
CVE-2017-9516 Craft CMS before 2.6.2982 allows for a potential XSS attack vector by uploading a malicious SVG file.
CVE-2017-8385 Craft CMS before 2.6.2976 does not prevent modification of the URL in a forgot-password email message.
CVE-2017-8384 Craft CMS before 2.6.2976 allows XSS attacks because an array returned by HttpRequestService::getSegments() and getActionSegments() need not be zero-based. NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2017-8052.
CVE-2017-8383 Craft CMS before 2.6.2976 does not properly restrict viewing the contents of files in the craft/app/ folder.
CVE-2017-8052 Craft CMS before 2.6.2974 allows XSS attacks.
CVE-2014-4852 SQL injection vulnerability in admin/uploads.php in The Digital Craft AtomCMS, possibly 2.0, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the id parameter.
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