Getting Started

    CVE List Training
    CVE ID Request Training
    CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) Training
    CVE Board Training

CVE List Training

  1. About CVE Entries - a high-level overview of CVE Entries including creation, states, and more.

  2. CVE Entry Basics - answers to basic frequently asked questions about CVE Entries.

  3. CVE List Basics - answers to basic frequently asked questions about the CVE List.

  4. Using the CVE List - answers to frequently asked questions about using the CVE List.

  5. CVE List Search Tips - tips for searching or viewing the CVE List.

  6. Updating Information in CVE Entries - instructions for how to request updates to entries on the CVE List.

CVE ID Request Training

Requesting CVE IDs from CNAs

  1. How to Request a CVE ID - details the three simple steps for requesting CVE IDs.

Requesting CVE IDs from the Primary CNA (via web form)

  1. CVE Request Web Form FAQs - answers to frequently asked questions about using the web form.

  2. Web Form Overview - an introduction to the web form.

  3. Web Form User Tips - tips for using the web form.

  4. Web Form Online Help - access help using the round, blue "i" icon on the web form itself.

CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) Training

  1. CVE Numbering Authorities (CNA) Rules - details about qualifications, responsibilities, tasks, and creating CVE Entries.

  2. CVE List Rules and Guidance - ensures that CVE Entries are created in a consistent fashion.

  3. Submitting CVE Assignment Information to CVE Team - explains the three methods for submitting “CVE assignment information.”

  4. How to Request Blocks of CVE IDs Using the CVE Request Web Form - instructions for CNAs-only.

  5. CNA Training Slides Collection - hosted on our CVEProject Documentation website on GitHub.

CVE Board Training

  1. CVE Board Charter - details Board structure, membership, and operations.

  2. Discussion List Archives - a public archive of Board mailing list discussions.

  3. Board Meeting Archives - summaries of the Board meetings, as recorded in the Board mailing list archives.

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