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CVE downloads data last generated: 2017-12-12

CVE is available for download in several formats: CVRF, XML, HTML, Text, and Comma-Separated. A CVE XML Schema .xsd download is also available.

NOTE: To save compressed files, you may need to right-click and choose a "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" option.

Download Formats

CVRF format (learn more)
All entries - Raw (.xml)
CVE-2018-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2017-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2016-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2015-xxxxxx entries
CVE-2014-xxxx entries
CVE-2013-xxxx entries
CVE-2012-xxxx entries
CVE-2011-xxxx entries
CVE-2010-xxxx entries
CVRF (older entries)
CVE-2009-xxxx entries
CVE-2008-xxxx entries
CVE-2007-xxxx entries
CVE-2006-xxxx entries
CVE-2005-xxxx entries
CVE-2004-xxxx entries
CVE-2003-xxxx entries
CVE-2002-xxxx entries
CVE-2001-xxxx entries
CVE-2000-xxxx entries
CVE-1999-xxxx entries
XML format
Unix compressed (.Z)
gzipped (.gz)
Raw (.xml)
HTML format
Unix compressed (.Z)
gzipped (.gz)
Raw (.html)
Text format
Unix compressed (.Z)
gzipped (.gz)
Raw (.txt)
Comma-Separated format
(suitable for import into spreadsheet programs)
Unix compressed (.Z)
gzipped (.gz)
Raw (.csv)

XML Schema

XSD schema
(simple schema that defines XML format of the CVE List)


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