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CVE-2020-25019 jitsi-meet-electron (aka Jitsi Meet Electron) before 2.3.0 calls the Electron shell.openExternal function without verifying that the URL is for an http or https resource, in some circumstances.
CVE-2020-11878 The Jitsi Meet (aka docker-jitsi-meet) stack on Docker before stable-4384-1 uses default passwords (such as passw0rd) for system accounts.
CVE-2017-5603 An incorrect implementation of "XEP-0280: Message Carbons" in multiple XMPP clients allows a remote attacker to impersonate any user, including contacts, in the vulnerable application's display. This allows for various kinds of social engineering attacks. This CVE is for Jitsi 2.5.5061 - 2.9.5544.
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